Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A Ministry for Men?


1. Men cause most of the CRIME AND VIOLENCE in NZ and are then hugely over-represented in court and prison stats compared to women [source: Corrections 3/2019 - 92% of prison population are men]

2. SUICIDE is the leading cause of death for young male teenagers and adults [MOH stats for 2017 show overall suicide rates for men are 2.7 times than that for women. Maori men are also over-represented in suicide rates]

3. Men make up the bulk of HOMELESS on our city streets

4. Men engage in more RISK TAKING which contributes to a whole raft of negative outcomes [for some being a man involves taking unacceptable risks in order to prove themselves]

5. Men are injured or die in workplace ACCIDENTS at much higher rates than women [since they do most of the dangerous work. Yet better attitudes to health and safety would reduce deaths and injury. Men need to man-up and take care of themselves better]

6. HAZARDOUS DRINKING rates for men are more than double that of women [source: MOH 2017/18 – contributing to a raft of negative outcomes for everyone across families and society]

7. Men are falling behind in EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT compared to women [source: Ministry For Women – men make up barely 1/3 of university enrolments]

8. Men are dying younger and have POORER HEALTH outcomes than women [source: NZ Medical Journal]

9. For gender-specific research funding in NZ...for every $1 spent exclusively on women's health research, men's health research received 6 cents [source: NZ Medical Journal]

10. The estimated annual cost of family violence is $5.3b while the estimated annual cost of sexual violence is $1.2b [source: Ministry For Women - violence perpetuated mostly by men]